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Schools Focus
SchoolForce is a trusted supplier of advanced plastic products to Australian public and private schools.

Our Lockers
Our robust and colourful outdoor lockers provide a secure place for students to store their books, valuables, bags and sporting equipment until they are required.
To avoid students carrying heavy backpacks around all day, we supply Australia’s leading rotationally moulded polyethylene lockers in a wide range of sizes, configurations and colours to suit all your student storage needs.

Our Outdoor Furniture
SchoolForce supplies attractive, long lasting, maintenance free benches, seats and settings made from recycled Australian plastic. These are available in a range of colours and sizes and do not crack or splinter like timber alternatives. Settings provide an ideal gathering spot for students to socialise and collaborate during lunch and breaks.

Your Support for Plastic Recycling
Every purchase of our outdoor school furniture helps fund the ongoing “Circular Economy” of plastic recycling to minimise plastic waste and help protect our environment and wildlife.

SchoolForce is your one-stop-shop
From inspiration to installation we have you covered. Discuss your product needs with us, validate your installation locations, get quotes, schedule delivery, get installation assistance – all at lowest available prices.

Place your order then leave the rest to us for a worry free end-to-end experience with SchoolForce.


Upgrading old storage lockers

Start afresh, customise to suit student needs and create colourful new arrays of SchoolForce lockers that are easy to install in existing and new locations.

New applications

Versatile, rust proof, UV stable, SchoolForce lockers are ideal for interior and exterior applications including wet areas around swimming pools and in gymnasiums.

Increasing Student headcount

Build new banks of stylish SchoolForce lockers customised to suit student needs and year levels. Select compatible colours.

BYOD adoption

Specialised phone and laptop lockers protect parents' investments in expensive student devices when they are not in use.

Re-purpose internal storage space

Free up scarce internal space occupied by old metal lockers and create stylish, secure exterior locker banks.

Smartphone bans

Store student Smartphones in SchoolForce lockers during school hours to reduce distractions, stress and undesirable cyber interactions.


Fully configurable, mix and match layouts, 25 colours for every school application

Short of space ? Locate our secure , fade & graffiti resistant lockers outside

Extend storage into sports and wet areas

Store Student Mobile Phones in PHONEKIT Configurable Phone Lockers


  • Low maintenance
  • Light weight
  • Heavy duty
  • UV stabilised
  • Water resistant
  • Modular
  • Ultra durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quiet doors
  • Mix & Match Colours
  • Mix & Match Door Configuration

Our Outdoor Furniture Range To Suit Your School Needs

Outdoor Furniture 0

Benches - Our range of bench seats are available in various styles and attractive colours. They will not rot, crack or ever need painting. Our Wall mounted range is also available for areas where space is limited, such as locker rooms. View Details

Outdoor Furniture 1

Seats - A Range of designs and lengths to suit the most demanding environments. They will not split, splinter, crack or rot and are virtually maintenance free. View Details

Outdoor Furniture 2

Settings - Our Recycled-plastic Settings provide attractive 'picnic-styled' table and bench settings for outdoor or indoor use. Optional chess board inserts can also be fitted to your setting. View Details

Key Benefits Of Using Our Recycled Plastic Products in School

  • Safe- Don’t crack or split.
  • Long Lasting – UV resistant, built for outdoor use.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost effective.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low Maintenance – no painting, graffiti resistant.
  • Demonstrate full sustainability cycle to students,  teachers and parents.
  • Australian made from Australian waste keeping tonnes of plastic waste from our waterways and landfill tips.
Key Benefit
Key Benefit