Mobile phone lockers

Configurable range of Mobile Phone Lockers for schools in Australia

Education authorities have now banned student use of mobile phones during school hours in most Australian schools. This aims to reduce anti-social behaviours, eliminate cyber bullying during school hours and encourage better attention to learning in the classroom.

Public schools are now responsible to provide secure storage for student’s mobile phones during the school day and ensure they are not accessed before the final bell.

SchoolForce provides a configurable range of mobile phone storage for schools.

Our F-Series Mobile Phone Lockers shown below are ideal for students to store smart phones and other valuables including cash, credit cards and medicines. These mobile phone lockers are typically wall mounted to form locker bays from four to hundreds of individual lockers. A wide range of colour options enable schools to align locker banks to house colours in different areas of the school.

In addition, we offer a range of configurable mobile phone lockers for schools Australia that allow smart phones to be stored in slotted phone cubbies as shown below. This flexible solution allows the customer to specify how many cubbies (32 or 48 slots per cubby) they wish to accommodate in their secure locker and how many lockers they require. Each package is supplied with a 4-digit combination lock, a master key for teachers use and a divider shelf for the locker.