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Think about it. You know that plastic waste is a huge problem, not just in landfill but in our precious waterways and oceans. It’s a situation that seems insurmountable. CSIRO  research has shown that almost three quarters of the rubbish along the Australian coast is plastic, with up to more than 40,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre. And most of that will end up in our oceans.

But one company is making inroads with every piece of recycled-plastic outdoor school furniture they supply. That means every time you make the right buying decision for your outdoor school furniture, you’re helping to save our environment.

Key benefits

Apart from the recycling benefits, there are some very impressive reasons for using recycled-plastic outdoor furniture in your school.

Low maintenance

The products are low maintenance. They never need painting because the colour lasts – and goes on lasting. And they’re resistant to graffiti, so they’ll keep on looking good.


Unlike wood, recycled-plastic furniture is resistant to termites and wood worm, micro-organisms and moisture. It never splits, rots or needs painting. Once it’s installed, that’s it. And it’s UV resistant, which means no sun damage.

It’s safe for kids

Wooden outdoor furniture can wear and crack, and cause nasty splinters for kids. Not so with our recycled-plastic outdoor school furniture. There’s not a splinter in sight – ever.

It looks good

We supply school yard furniture in our outdoor recycled-plastic range, in colour options you can choose to suit your school. From garden bench seats to wall mounted benches, buddy seats, outdoor table and bench settings – and more.Our recycled-plastic table and bench settings can be used indoors too– they’re not just for outdoor use. And if you want kids to develop their thinking and problem solving abilities, we can arrange to fit high impact acrylic chess board inserts to the tables.

It’s strong

Many of our designs are secured with galvanised frames and fittings that are easy to install, so your eco furniture stays put and is safe for kids.

Australian made

Our recycled-plastic outdoor school furniture range is made in Australia, from Australian plastic waste. This keeps tonnes of that waste out of our landfill sites and our waterways – and creates jobs for Aussie workers.

Support products containing recycled materials

All our state governments are promoting sustainability and recycling programs. For example, the Queensland Department of Education recommends simple actions to reduce waste, increase resource recovery and divert waste from landfill. These are:

  • recycling better
  • avoiding waste
  • reducing waste
  • choosing to reuse
  • finding better ways to dispose of waste.

One of their main recommendations is to make purchasing decisions that avoid waste and support products containing recycled materials. This will help us to transition to a circular economy that supports higher rates of recycling and recovery.

That’s how you can make a difference with your purchasing decisions for products from our range of recycled-plastic outdoor school furniture.

Contact us to find out more about our range and the benefits your school can experience.